ZuluTime® LiveFind is a software solution leveraging
in-store Wi-Fi for smartphone geolocation

Whether a store currently has Wi-Fi or not, ZuluTime is easily enabled in any store providing high return on investment with low total cost of ownership. The system tracks any Wi-Fi device and no embedded technology on the mobile device is needed, meaning most any Wi-Fi device types can be located whether it is being used by a shopper, or employee, or attached to a device. LiveFind generates accurate in-store X,Y,Z coordinates with time stamps, the same coordinate scheme as GPS, providing a full set of location experiences from in-store navigation for the shopper to traffic flow patterns for business intelligence decisions. No other technology, such as video surveillance, store fingerprinting or RFID is needed.

LiveFind is enabled through the in-store Wi-Fi primarily through the use of small “Wi-Fi beacons” that act as positioning satellites in the store. These beacons provide the raw data for the positioning system by sending periodic bursts of data between themselves and ZuluTime’s Location Based Router which can operate at the store level, datacenter, in the Cloud or as a SaaS solution.

Shopper smartphones need not process any data on board the device. As a permission-based solution that works within the retailer’s own smartphone applications, the in-store Wi-Fi network provides a passive means to locate the shopper with no embedded technology needed on the smartphone itself. Shoppers need only to opt-in to the capability inside the retailer’s loyalty program, application or mobile website. ZuluTime LiveFind empowers existing retailer smartphone applications and supercharges new ones.

ZuluTime LiveFind

• Uses in-store Wi-Fi and/or easily installable Wi-Fi beacons for stores with low Wi-Fi penetration
• Locates smartphones, mobile POS systems, other assets and employees
• Generates “x,y,z” and high accuracy timestamps
• No ZuluTime-specific embedded technology needed on the device
• Location processing can happen at the local store, at a datacenter or in the Cloud
• A low cost software licensing model for retailers

Enable true 1-to-1 shopper marketing

• Engage shoppers with highly relevant experiences from coupons to rich media
• Help shoppers navigate the physical store while providing them engaging location experiences along the way
• Provide it all within your existing smartphone app – no 3rd party apps are needed

Increase shopper satisfaction

• Provide high resolution navigation for shoppers in the store
• Provide timely, relevant information to shoppers
• Enable shoppers to find each other in big box stores on a “buddy find” basis

Provide Next Generation Retail Analytics

• Connect bricks to clicks by knowing the physical navigation behavior in the store much like the digital navigation behavior of your e-commerce site
• Use analytics to micro-target and precisely segment shoppers for relevant location-based experiences

Increase customer service efficiency

• Provide one-touch smartphone-based customer service notification to send retailer associates directly to the shopper
• Track other devices in the store
• Track assets like mobile point of sales solutions

Use Existing Wi-Fi Infrastructure

• No existing Wi-Fi? No problem. Simple Wi-Fi beacons install to provide the solution.
• Low total cost of ownership solution.

This extensive capability wraps into a powerful customer engagement and retail analytics tool. LiveFind provides deeper insights into shopper behavior and allows delivery of highly relevant product information and promotions directly to shoppers through their smartphones when they are in close spatial domain to the product. Easily define the time and space of when to reach out to the shopper. Define spatial domains in the store for engaging experiences to grab the shopper’s attention and help them with their point of purchase decision. Use the shopper’s physical navigation through the store to analyze planograms, category layout and product purchase triggers within the store.

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